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Händler Pearls of Africa

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    In our "customer testimonials" we would like to let you participate in our customer relationships. These are wonderful customer and product reviews that we have received from you as well as people who are business partners or boutique owners who we enjoy working with and who have a lot to tell, like Vicci. We talk to her "In an interview with: 10 questions to" about Corona and fair clothing, among other things.

    We hope you enjoy reading. Your pearls

    Frau vor Boutique mit Blume NOA NOA Pearls of Africa

    Vicci in front of her boutique NOA NOA in Hanover

    Here we go: The first "In an interview with: 10 questions to" goes to Vicci in Hanover. We talk to Vicci about her boutique NOA NOA in Hanover in times of Corona and how she manages to stay confident and optimistic. We also talk about fair fashion and why NOA NOA and PEARLS OF AFRICA go so well together.

    I am really looking forward to the joint interview and hope that you, dear readers, like it as well. Here's the interview.

    Frau am Verkaufsstand mit vielen Ketten Pearls of Africa

    Stefanie selling the jewelry

    This is Stefanie! In an interview with Stefanie, you will find out why Stefanie enjoys selling our colorful African jewelry and why she loves what she does. Read now.

    Matthias Dichristin EBM International Pearls of Africa

    Matthias Dichristin from EBM International (© Bettina Frank)

    In an interview with Matthias we learn how cooperation between a Christian organization and Pearls of Africa can be successful. And much more :) Read now.


    "During a church service, I heard about the impressive "Pearls of Africa" project, which enables refugee families to earn an income. I was delighted to get in touch with the people of Hamburg and had the beautiful jewelery sent to me to display in my small gallery sell. That was really well received! Each piece is unique! At the summer party, I was happy to meet other nice fellow campaigners on site and to choose new goods from the large range. A wonderful summer party and a nice combination of selling beautiful things and doing good things with them do!"

    Luise Krolzik, Gallery Krolzik Bielefeld

    "We gave our chess-playing girls the colorful necklaces at the end of 2020. They were overjoyed and mostly put on the chains right away. In addition, the kids were very interested in how these jewels are made. The refugee women from Uganda and development work were also a topic for us. I will order some again for our next chess group. The service couldn't have been better.”

    Silke Schwartau, Social Business Foundation Hamburg

    "I've already bought a few necklaces and beautiful bowls and given them to dear friends. I also like wearing a great bracelet that I bought directly from an employee "off the arm". The jewelry is so individual that I'm often asked about it. Great gifts that are a great way to support a really great project."

    Hanni Hofmeister

    "I have to say that the products are always originals. It doesn't matter whether it's a bowl, bracelet or necklace, it's always something very special. I'm always happy about it."

    Irmgard Steudle-Stroscher

    "My two necklaces of paper beads with an African fabric ribbon are real eye-catchers and I have already received many compliments for this colourful, attractive jewellery. The necklace is very light and wears well. The fabric ribbon allows me to adjust the length to my neckline, so the necklace is "always usable". As an employee in fair trade, I am enthusiastic about the women's project in Uganda and wish the women there good sales opportunities here with us. All their products convince me. The Pearls of Africa team is working with great commitment and competence on this Making products known throughout Germany. I think that's great!"

    Inge Hawerk - Employee at Weltladen Osterstrasse Hamburg

    "I am very much impressed by the quality and various styles pearls of Africa has to offer. These Colorful and stylish necklace, earrings & Co definitely stand me out from the crowd as a statement accessoire. What I like most, is that each piece is unique, beautiful and serves as a good will to the Africa soil. #fairtrade #pearlsofafrica Highly recommended."

    Yin Charlotte Shen

    "A nice family business! Nice selection of individual pieces of jewelry. I've bought several bracelets here. Highly recommended!"

    Matylda Kos

    “We also met Ulla Brosch at a market and were immediately struck by her heartfelt friendliness. Our main interest was the Pearls of Africa coasters. After we had communicated our plate dimensions, Ulla Brosch also ordered our size for the next delivery from Uganda and we had the pleasure of choosing the color in Scharbeutz according to our wishes. Plus many smaller things from the interesting stock of jewelry and bowls, etc. When we use the large plate coasters instead of our WMF coasters, our guests are always enthusiastic and ask where they came from? We hope that our subsequent statement will lead to further support of the project. A trip to Scharbeutz is worth it!!"

    Brigitte and Joachim Senk

    "Dear PEARL of AFRICA team, about 3 years ago I was lucky enough to get to know and love you and the PEARLS of AFRICA at a market for handicrafts. With your great project you support the refugee women's group in Uganda, who lovingly handcraft produces the beautiful jewellery, at the same time you implement the topic "sustainable upcycling", which is close to my heart. I observe your great, tireless commitment with great admiration."

    Thea Beenen-Kipry

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