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In our FAQs you will find information about our products, the craftsmen, about us and our sustainability aspect.

1. How and when was PEARLS OF AFRICA founded?

Ursula Brosch founded the jewelry label PEARLS OF AFRICA in 2012 in Idstein im Taunus near Frankfurt am Main.


PEARLS OF AFRICA means jewelery, decorations and accessories made from recycled material.

3. Who makes PEARLS OF AFRICA products?

Most of the products are manufactured by the "Emmanuel Group" in Uganda. There are around 60 Ugandan refugee women and some men who fled northern Uganda to find work in Kampala. The women's group founded itself in 2006 and works autonomously. The glass bead jewelry is made by a market woman and her brother in Uganda. Few unique pieces are produced by a craftswoman in Germany. 

4. Which materials are used for production?

The main material is recycled paper or waste paper that comes from local printing plants in Kampala. Other materials are lacquer, glue, nylon tape, artificial pearls as well as fasteners and earring hooks, all of which can also be bought on site in Kampala.

5. How are the products made?

All PEARLS OF AFRICA products are handmade. Whether in Uganda or Germany, each product is unique and is made by hand without the use of electronic machines. The paper is cut into triangles or strips with a cutting board, rolled over a stick, sealed with transparent glue and varnish and, in the case of jewelry, pulled onto the nylon ribbon.

6. When are the products made?

The products are manufactured according to the order situation. As soon as we have placed an order, usually in the amount of around 10,000 pieces, the producers set off to get the material for the order. With this order volume, the women work on an order for approx. 3-4 months, from Monday to Friday approx. 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Our primary goal is full-time employment through regular assignments.

7. Where are the products made?

Most of the paper products are made in a house specially rented by us for production in Kireka, a suburb of Kampala in Uganda. The glass bead jewelry is made in Kampala, Uganda and individual products are made in Germany. Some of the products are also created in the craftsmen's own four walls. The women decide on the production schedule.

8. How does the financing with the craftsmen work?

When the order is placed, the producers already receive 40% of the wages to buy the material for production and to start production. You will receive the remaining amount after receiving and checking the goods in Germany.

9. Are the products painted with paint?

No. The colors and gradients of the products are created solely by the paper used. The products are only coated with a transparent lacquer.

10. Are the products waterproof?

Yes. All of our products can come into contact with water such as rain. In the case of the pieces of paper, the lacquer protects the paper. We recommend a damp cloth to wipe the bowls and plates.

11. How do the products get from Uganda to Germany?

Our products are shipped via international transport. From the production facility in Kampala, they are transported by truck to the airport in Entebbe, Uganda. From there it goes by plane to Hamburg. In Hamburg the goods have to go through customs and are then brought to our warehouse in Scharbeutz by truck. 

12. Why are we sustainable?

We are sustainable because we follow the idea of fair trade. The cooperation with the producer group is based on trusting, independent and independent cooperation. The working conditions are fair, the producer group receives 25% more salary than in the local trade. The products are made from recycled material, which is obtained on site and thus promotes the local market and businesses. We are a member of the Weltladen umbrella organization and alliance Eine Welt Schleswig Holstein. 99% of PEARLS OF AFRICA employees work on a voluntary basis.

13. Shipping and payment conditions

You don't like the product you ordered? Would you prefer a different color? How does the reverse transaction work? You can find all questions on this topic under ours Shipping and payment terms in the footer. 


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