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These are the jewels of PEARLS OF AFRICA. We, a family of 5, took the plunge in 2012 and founded PEARLS OF AFRICA. The Pearls are original handicrafts such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings or even bowls and plates, made entirely from recycled paper or glass.

The special thing is that each piece is unique in Africa. Because almost every part is lovingly handcrafted by our craftsmen in Uganda. The material is sourced by the producers from local shops, the production and processing takes place independently.

This preserves our goal of promoting and ensuring the local people's own business activities - "Helping people help themselves". At the same time, our customers enjoy the handmade individual pieces. And last but not least, we are actively involved in fair trade. Since 2018 we are recognized supplier of the world shop umbrella organization, cooperate with the Alliance of One World Schleswig Holstein, EBM International and GEPA Süd-Nord-Kontor.


~ Fair conditions (fair wages, apartment building for production, no child labor)

~ Recycled material

~ handmade

~ Furnished fund

~ Annual bonus payment

~ Preservation of traditional handicrafts in Uganda

~ Promotion of our producer group's own business activities

~ Active participation in fair trade & sustainable projects:

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First: the deed! 

Second: the word! 

Third: Prayer!

We at Pearls of Africa want to show our neighborly love to others through deeds - by treating them as we would like to be treated ourselves, by enabling our African brothers and sisters to help themselves, by our prayers becoming a blessing for everyone involved in the project.

We got to know the Emmanuel Group and wanted to work with you. We want to bring the beautiful handicrafts to Germany and beyond. We want to encourage women in their work and independence and that they have enough to live on for themselves and their families. We don't want the women to have to work in the quarry. We want the women's children to be able to go to school and have enough to eat. There are many reasons that make us do what we do. 

We also love Africa, the people and the culture. Having lived in Africa for many years, we feel at home in the African mud, fog, smells and sounds. 


Ursula – The idea igniter

Pearls of Africa Wer sind wir Das Team Ursula Brosch

Ursula had the brilliant idea for this great project. Growing up in Australia and spending many years in Africa, she never lost her love and passion for this breathtaking and mysterious continent - just like her love for the people. Today she is the center of power and holds all the strings in her hands, but above all she keeps the whole "Pearls of Africa" team busy with her ideas! 

Dieter – The finance guru

Pearls of Africa Wer sind wir Das Team Dieter Brosch

The fact that the numbers ultimately make sense and always spit out positive amounts is due to Dieter's calculations. He sits next to the idea generator and ensures law and order on paper and in Excel. His vocation for numbers and faith makes him the ideal finance director for our project. Dieter has recently retired happily after working for an international technology group for decades.

Anna – The creative

Pearls of Africa Wer sind wir Das Team Anna Brosch

Whether via Facebook, Instagram, our website or our newsletter - so that you are always up-to-date, Anna brings her creative marketing cells to the boil and regularly provides you with bittersweet news about our project, our dates and models. Anna grew up with her family in Africa and works in marketing. She loves good coffee and travelling.  

Our hard-working helpers – The volunteers

Frau steht am Perlenstand

We have wonderful support throughout Germany from volunteers who are in the mood to bring the beautiful pieces of pearls to women, men and children. Whether at an Easter or Christmas bazaar, a benefit event or a craft market. If you want to take part, just send us an email to mail@pearls-of-africa.org. We are happy.


>> Do you also want to be part of PEARLS OF AFRICA be and write a piece of history. Then look here rein!


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