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These are the pieces of jewelry from PEARLS OF AFRICA. We, that is a family of 5, took the risk in 2012 and founded PEARLS OF AFRICA. The pearls are original handicrafts such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings or bowls and plates, made entirely from recycled paper or glass.

The special thing about it is that each piece is unique from Africa. Because almost every part is lovingly handcrafted by our craftsmen in Uganda. The material is obtained from the producers in local shops, the production and processing takes place independently.

Thus our goal of promoting and guaranteeing the own business activities of the local people is preserved - "help for self-help". At the same time, our customers enjoy the handmade one-offs. And last but not least, we are actively involved in fair trade. We have been a recognized supplier to the Weltladen umbrella association since 2018, and we cooperate with the Alliance Eine Welt Schleswig Holstein, EBM International and GEPA Süd-Nord-Kontor.


~ Fair conditions (fair wages, rental house for production, no child labor)

~ Recycled material

~ Handcraft

~ Furnished fund

~ Annual bonus payment

~ Preservation of traditional handicrafts in Uganda

~ Promotion of the own business activities of our producer group

~ Active participation in fair trade & sustainable projects:

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First: The deed! 

Second: the word! 

Third: the prayer!

We at Pearls of Africa want to show our neighborly love through action - by treating them as we would like to be treated ourselves, by enabling our African siblings to help themselves, by making our prayer a blessing for everyone involved in the project.

We got to know the Emmanuel Group and wanted to work with you. We want to bring the beautiful handicrafts to Germany and beyond. We want to encourage women in their work and independence and that they have enough to live on for themselves and their families. We don't want women to have to work in the quarry. We want women's children to be able to go to school and have enough to eat. There are many reasons that make us do what we do. 

We also love Africa, the people and the culture. We have lived in Africa for many years and feel at home in the African mud, fog, smells and sounds. 


Pearls of Africa Familie Brosch

From the left

Steffi - The middleman

At Steffi's, the baby rattles are ringing more often than the phone. As the proud mother of three children, Steffi is good and sporty with the 3-person team. On site she is "on the go & connected" for our project, especially with the hardworking manufacturers of our pearls. Steffi ensures that the cooperative in Uganda and the head office in Scharbeutz on the Baltic Sea run smoothly and communicate. After 7 years of NGO work and Stay in Uganda, Steffi currently lives in Sudan with her husband and three children.

Maria - The networker

Does your phone ring or have you received a mail from PEARLS OF AFRICA? Then Maria has already cast a spell over you on our project. Because her completely convinced vision of our mission will also move you to act, to work with us! "To volunteer at Pearls of Africa means to be able to give back a part."

Ursula - The spark of ideas

Ursula had the brilliant idea for this great project. Growing up in Australia and spent many years in Africa, her love and passion for this breathtaking and mysterious continent never went out - just like the love for people. Today she is the center of power and holds all the strings in her hand, but especially she keeps the whole "Pearls of Africa" team on their toes with her ideas! 

Dieter - The financial guru

The fact that the numbers make sense in the end and always spit out positive amounts is part of Dieter's calculation. He sits next to the idea generator and ensures law and order on paper and in Excel. His calling for numbers and faith make him the ideal finance director for our project. Dieter recently became a happier pensioner after having worked for an international technology company for decades.

Anna - The creative one

Whether via Facebook, Instagram, our website or our newsletter - so that you are always up-to-date, Anna brings her creative marketing cells to a boil and regularly supplies you with bittersweet news about our project, our dates and models. Anna grew up with the family in Africa and works in marketing. She loves good coffee and traveling.  

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>> Do you want to be part of PEARLS OF AFRICA be and write a piece of history. Then take a look here purely!


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