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We work with various craftsmen in Uganda and Germany. These include the Emmanuel Group cooperative in Uganda, our craftsmen Eunice in Uganda and Thea in Germany.


The Emmanuel Group is a group of around 60 refugee women and a few men who came together in Kampala in 2006 to make a living together. It is mainly women from northern Uganda who had to flee due to the rebel fighting. Many of you have lost loved ones and property.

The women live in the Acholi Quarter, a unit in Kampala's Kireka slum. The Acholi are an ethnic group in northern Uganda.

Emmanuel Group Pearls of Africa Uganda


In May 2015 and December 2019 we paid a visit to the Emmanuel Group in Kireka. Those were great and decisive experiences for us. 

Pearls of Africa Emmanuel Group Hellen Pearls of Africa Emmanuel Group 3 Mitglieder
Pearls of Africa Emmanuel Group Dame Pearls of Africa Emmanuel Group Besuch 2019
Pearls of Africa Emmanuel Group Besuch 2019 Pearls of Africa Emmanuel Group Besuch 2019 Tanz
Pearls of Africa Emmanuel Group Besuch 2019 Büro Pearls of Africa Emmanuel Group Besuch 2019 Kind
Pearls of Africa Hellen und Ursula Besuch 2019 Pearls of Africa Geschenke Besuch 2019


We met Eunice at the handicraft market in Kampala, Uganda. A handicraft market is a craft market. As we strolled across the square there and looked at the beautiful craftsmanship, the charming pieces by Eunice caught our eye. We didn't know each other at the time. That was 5 years ago. We have been working together ever since. Eunice is 49 years old, Kenyan, has lived in Uganda for over 20 years and is a passionate artisan. Together with her brother, she has set up her own business. The brother buys the material and Eunice conjures up the jewelry. The two refer to the pearls for the jewelry among others from Kenya, Ghana, Uganda or Sudan. Eunice has an eye for beauty and designs the jewelry herself. We are so enthusiastic about her and her work that we have added her to our range.

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 Pearls of Africa Eunice Mbithi


What do you do with discarded goods or goods that have defective areas? I agree! They are used again - entirely in the spirit of upcycling! And for that our dear Thea comes into question. We were lucky to meet Thea at one of the many handicraft markets here in the north. She herself is an enthusiastic seamstress and rarely throws things away. Her credo is: "Make new out of old". For more than 2 years she has been designing handmade accessories with us from our discarded paper beads. We often sit with her on the terrace and discuss product ideas and designs. We owe her, among other things, our great glasses straps and key rings.

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