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Sticking together in Corona times

What many of us do not know about the situation in other parts of the world in times of Corona, for example in Uganda. It is a matter close to our hearts that our producers are also doing well. After all, we work with you and we know you personally. Since we are in close contact with them, we can get an idea of the situation and situation in Uganda and share it with you. 

zusammenhalten in Zeiten von Corona Pearls of Africa 


Everything has been shut down for a few months. Just like with us in Germany, when it crept over us and then stood tough in front of us: the lock-down. This is only known from sci-fi thrillers. What is actually happening here? You could say that everything changed overnight. Some recognized it faster than others. Others still don't realize it. We can be happy that the change "still" feels good in Germany. We have a good security system. Few of them live from hand to mouth.

It looks different in Uganda. Most live from hand to mouth. You lose almost everything and literally fight for survival. The people and our producers can hardly move freely in Kampala anymore. Nothing works anymore. The city's daily noise level disappears. There are hardly any buses or bodabodas left. The shops and institutions such as supermarkets, bars and restaurants, tourist information offices, schools or beaches are closing, the government is hanging out the state of emergency, or must, because otherwise the disaster will be unstoppable. 

The lock-down hit our producers hard. You feel bad. Few can prepare themselves and their children three meals a day. 

Some stayed in their quarters, Banda B1 Acholi, in Kireka (Kampala) and tried to stay afloat. For a few shillings they work in the quarry, sort beans, sell bananas on the roadside, collect empty returnable bottles or wash clothes from wealthy residents. Few of them take their families back to their villages using the limited public transport.

In our pictures we see, for example, Hellen and Barbara with their family. They currently live in the village of Lela Obaro and work their little "field". 

Pearls of Africa Emmanuel Group Corona 3 Pearls of Africa Emmanuel Group Corona 1
Pearls of Africa Emmanuel Group Corona 5 Pearls of Africa Emmanuel Group Corona 7
Pearls of Africa Emmanuel Group Corona 6 Pearls of Africa Emmanuel Group Corona


In the meantime, the situation has calmed down and vital stores such as supermarkets and a few schools have also been reopened in Uganda under strict precautionary SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). A few children from some producers are allowed to go back to school. Of course, hospitals were and still are accessible! 

And the paper works? The production of paper and paper decorations was slowly resumed thanks to the shops, some of which were open. However, this does not take place in a group, rather the producers work at a distance from each other in their own four walls. A piece back to "normality" ...

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