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As always exciting: The arrival of the new goods from Africa!

Mann und Frau packen Schmuck aus Paketen aus Pearls of Africa


It is always exciting when ordered goods from deepest Africa are delivered to us in the tranquil town of Gronenberg in Schleswig-Holstein. Because you never really know what to expect - sometimes small cockroaches travel with you, but otherwise we never know 100% whether the order actually corresponds to what has been placed. It always depends on the recycled paper that the producers have available. Women in Africa also have their own designs and the freedom to try out new product ideas, because that's how free they are. This is important to us in our cooperation.

As it had rained a lot in Entebbe, the total of 21 packages had to be covered with foil. So completely intact, they don't arrive here. Many a beautiful recycling plate was damaged by the transport ... But the new bowls are unbelievably beautiful, and the new bracelets and chains only. Wow!

Brand new in the range are our paper cups, which can be used for pens and kullis, for example, or the thalers, which can be used as pendants for chains.

So, as the title suggests, it is exciting every time we open a box and the surprise leaps towards us :)

 But convince yourself:

Neue Ware Kettenansammlung Pearls of Africa
Neue Ware Teller im Karton Pearls of Africa
Neue Ware Papierbecher Pearls of Africa
Neue Ware Armbänder Africa 1 Row Pearls of Africa
Neue Ware Armreifen Pearls of Africa
Neue Ware Taler Pearls of Africa
Neue Ware Dekoschalen Pearls of Africa


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Oh, this time there was actually no cockroach in the luggage ...

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  • immer wieder ein Fest für die Sinne, wunderschön!

    Ursula Brosch

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