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Spread the joy of color with African pearls and make a mark

Stefanie Behrens is one of the many volunteers at PEARLS OF AFRICA and is active for EBM International. She campaigns for the sale of African jewelery at church services, the proceeds of which will partly benefit EBM International. EBM International is a missionary organization in which Protestant Christians (Baptists) from 28 countries work together in world missions.

"In an interview with" you we talk about the German-African upcycling jewelry project and your commitment to 60 refugee women. In addition, she will tell us your favorite product ...

Stefanie Behrens verkauft die Pearls of Africa
Stefanie Behrens verkauft ehrenamtlich Pearls of Africa

Stefanie Behrens on the sale of upcycling jewelry from PEARLS OF AFRICA


Stefanie, who are you? Describe yourself in three sentences.

Stefanie: I am Steffi, 50 years old (over 30), cheerful, northern German, Christian, married to my childhood sweetheart Christian for 30 years, and I have two great adult student sons :-)

How did you come to the EBM and PEARLS OF AFRICA (POA)?

Stefanie: I belong to our community in Kiel-Heikendorf, which supports the EBM in its activities for the external mission. In the EBM magazine I read that volunteers were wanted who would like and enjoy selling POA jewelry within their community, whose sales proceeds will benefit the EBM and POA in equal parts. I thought that was great. We have ordered a product package directly on commission. The colorful pieces of jewelery immediately inspired me.

What do you love about the PEARLS OF AFRICA project?

Stefanie: Clearly the tasteful, colorful variety of sustainable handicraft products. Then that I can be sure that the money will really reach the women and their families in Uganda and EBM projects. And last but not least, that I can organize my voluntary work at POA as my time allows: can do a lot, nothing has to ...

What do you enjoy most when you are traveling for PEARLS OF AFRICA?

Stefanie: When I experience that the buyers are just as enthusiastic and fascinated by the beautiful material and colors as I am, then my heart opens up.

Which event in connection with the project do you still fondly remember today?

Stefanie: When I opened the first package from POA (the above consignment goods) at our church Christmas party and an immediate rush for the incredibly fantastic goods began. That was thrilling and absolutely motivating.

Which piece of jewelry is your absolute favorite?

Stefanie: The pearl necklace LUPITA (see Stefanie right picture)

What do you do full-time and in your free time?

Stefanie: I now work as a mini-jobber in the medical field. This gives me volunteer time for church work and the POA project. I enjoy gardening and love Christian novels by Tamera Alexander and Lynn Austin.

Finally, what would you like to give the readers and interested parties?

Stefanie: Just order a commission package! Offer the products e.g. at the next women's breakfast, at work, after the service or at the community book table. There are opportunities everywhere. It's really fun when your own joy in the jewelery spreads to others!

If the spark has jumped over with you and you feel like setting new standards with African pearls, then just get in touch with us. We look forward to you.

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