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Charity campaign: Sell our PEARLS at your event and keep 40% of the sales proceeds for your heart project

Charity campaign for YOUR HEART PROJECT ☺️🥳

Attention: Together with us, you can now collect money for your SOCIAL PROJECT that is close to your heart 💚

Whether for a Christian project
* in your parish,
* the expansion of the kindergarten playground in the day care center,
* the library at school 🏫 or

* at your club.

With your fair purchase campaign our PEARLS YOU generate income for our women's project in Uganda 🇺🇬 and at the same time you can keep 40% of the income for YOUR PROJECT.

Last but not least, your friends and acquaintances can buy beautiful, handmade jewelery and decorations from Uganda at the event 💝

👋🏾 We have been doing this cooperation with the Christian aid organization for a long time EBM INTERNATIONAL and Christian communities. The jewelry is simply sold after the service and it was worthwhile for everyone involved 😜

🎯 How exactly does it work?

1. If you are interested, contact us via email or telephone +49 4524 703 47 55.

2. We discuss your open questions and explain the interaction, the gift package.

3. We will send you the gift package with 42 selected and labeled pieces of jewelry and accessories including a flyer, which can also be modified as desired. 

4. You sell the pieces at your charity event, you can sell the remaining stock afterwards or simply send it back to us.

5. You transfer us the sales revenue minus your proceeds of 40% for your heart project.

Well, how does that sound to you? Good? Then nothing like the phone or your e-mails. We look forward to you and your HEART PROJECT 💕

Example pictures of the gift package in the size of a shoe box ;)

Schmuck Schmuck Pearls of Africa Ketten Pearls of Africa Schlüsselanhänger Pearls of Africa
Flyer Pearls of Africa Versandpaket Pearls of Africa

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