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Together with over 30 suppliers and countless world shops within Germany, we don't want to bring fair shopping to a standstill. That is why the #fairsorgung was launched.

Buyers benefit online from countless offers and shopping opportunities, even under great conditions, so that shops and income do not fail to appear. A big plus, so to speak, for those who want to buy fair shopping for tomorrow.

Business is closed due to Corona, but online trading is increasing. So why not also in FAIR SHOPPING?

With us there are the following conditions for your purchase until August 31, 2020:

  • Every world shop and every end customer of a world shop receives a 40% discount on the product sales price when ordering.
  • Every Weltladen and every end customer of a Weltladen receives their order free of charge.
  • Every world shop and every end customer of a world shop receives a 10 euro voucher for the first subsequent order.
  • Please provide precise information such as name and address in the contact form or comment field during the ordering process to identify the Weltladen.

We look forward to all people who stay on the ball especially when it comes to sustainability in these special times.




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