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In 2012 the project PEARLS OF AFRICA started. If someone had asked me what the future would bring, I probably would never have thought that I would be part of this company. Now 10 years later we have a website selling our beautiful African products and a real business. Crazy how things can turn around. A holiday trip with jewelry souvenirs has now become a really great fair trade company. And what better way to celebrate than with loved ones and our supporters? That's right: a summer festival. 

In addition to delicious food, there was a small speech to us, a quiz, a sales table and many great conversations. We say THANK YOU and share the memories with you here:

10 Jahre PEARLS OF AFRICA Sommerfest


10 Jahre Sommerfest PEARLS OF AFRICA Rede


10 Jahre Sommerfest PEARLS OF AFRICA


10 Jahre Sommerfest PEARLS OF AFRICA Quiz spielen


I just say: "Let's go to the next 10 years" :)

Yours Pearls


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