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"In the interview with: 10 questions to" Vicci from NOA NOA

Today we would like to introduce you to Victoria Gahse-Cipro, alias Vicci, in an interview with: 10 questions for. She is the owner of the NOA NOA boutique in Hanover. 

 Frau auf Bild hält Blume NOA NOA Boutique Vicci und PEARLS OF AFRICA

Vicci in front of your NOA NOA boutique in Hanover


Suddenly I see a new message on Instagram. This is Vicci. she is Boutique owner of NOA NOA in Hanover and would like to include our jewelry in your range. Shortly afterwards we phone, discuss the details and a week later they are selected pieces (on commission) in their shop window

Although we “only” know each other via Instagram and by phone, a cordial bond has already formed. Vicci is warm, open and delightful. They are Moments that make a partnership-based collaboration valuable.

Now in With regard to Corona and the temporary closings of shops, we ask ourselves how "one" Vicci is doing. Against this background, the idea "In the interview with: 10 questions for" arose. And as was to be expected, I didn't have to persuade Vicci for long, she was immediately enthusiastic about the idea.

So, let's go: Dear Vicci ...


1. Who are you? Describe yourself in three sentences.

Vicci: Emotional streak, a gut person. I can't get it down so quickly, love for things that tell a story. Stay true to yourself. Solution-oriented. In many things I make gut decisions and I love things that tell a story. I can't get it down so quickly, I am enthusiastic about new and beautiful projects, I like to try things out and I like to work in a solution-oriented manner. 

 Vicci von NOA NOA aus Hannover

Vicci in your NOA NOA boutique in Hanover


2. How did you come across PEARLS OF AFRICA?

Vicci: Through an article on the Internet. I just don't know when and where, unfortunately it was a while ago ...;)


3. Why do NOA NOA and PEARLS OF AFRICA go so well together?

Vicci: Women and children are generally still disadvantaged. We support projects of disadvantaged women and children in order to give them the possibility of self-determination. Pearls of Africa is an exciting project and we would like to do our part.


4. Which of our pieces of jewelery is best received by your customers?

Vicci: This is individual, just like every part of Pearls of Africa is unique. :-)

 NOA NOA Boutique Im Interview Mit Vicci PEARLS OF AFRICA Schmuck


5. Which one of our jewels is your absolute favorite and why?

Vicci: The beautiful Hoop earrings with filigree, twisted pearls. They are trendy and made from recycled paper.


Kreolenohrringe Pearls of Africa


6. What do you enjoy most about working in your boutique and how do you stay in contact with your customers in times of Corona?

Vicci: Decorate and create an oasis of well-being in the shop again and again, and laugh together with our customers. The love for the store is when you grow together with it and the customers feel at home and tell you, I'll be happy to come back. In Corona times, we are still there for our customers. You are welcome to pre-order, pick up or have it delivered by call or Click & Collect. We regularly post our nice articles on Instagram and Facebook - and decorate our windows with nice things.


NOA NOA Boutique in Hannover mit Blick auf Schmuck
            Schaufensterpuppen NOA NOA Boutique Pearls of Africa 


7. Which 3 criteria do you pay attention to the most in the products that you offer your customers?


  1. Quality features such as natural fibers, durability and sustainability, fairly produced.
  2. Compatible, wearable textiles that come together in the wardrobe.
  3. Fair working conditions and remuneration, respectful handling and conservation of resources.


8. Why did you found NOA NOA?

Vicci: NOA NOA has been a franchise since 1981. I actually discovered my love for NOA NOA in 2003 in the first small NOA NOA boutique in Hanover, the concept (with the enchanting collection) exactly matched my expectations. My official journey with NOA NOA began in 2008, and then in 2016 on my own. In the course of time, the store has continued to develop individually, with one or the other joining in. 


9. Which 3 insights did you take with you from 2020, the beginning of Corona?


  1. That creativity and perseverance are in demand more than ever.
  2. The intensity and the connection to our customers.
  3. How important personal encounters are.


10. What do you wish our readers?

Vicci: Above all, health and well-being and a love of individuality.





We think these are nice and loving words at the end that we can only agree with and thank our interview partner.

Dear readers, even if we can't stroll into Vicci's boutique or the Fairtrade weekly market, we have the ingenious opportunity to do so conscious, digital shopping that does good. So let's celebrate because as Vicci says: Creativity and perseverance are more in demand than ever.

And so you will receive from us immediately 3 shopping links, who invite you to a fair shop from NOA NOA and our PEARLS OF AFRICA: 

  1. Discover the fair fashion from NOA NOA in Online shop and Instagram.
  2. Discover our creole earrings and jewelry and decoration collection directly in our Online shop.
  3. Get in touch with us, if you would like to include our handmade pieces from Africa in your assortment in your boutique or online shop.

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